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In the figure below, C and D are both on the measure of BAC is equal to the measure of DAE and the measure of ACD is equal to the measure of ADC. Which of the following statements must be true?

(Note: The symbol ≅ means "is congruent to.")

(F) ABC is similar to AED.

(G) The areas of triangles ACD and ADE are equal.



(K) and are perpendicular.

The Correct Answer

The Northampton Volunteer Association has built a rectangular sandbox for a local elementary school and is ready to fill it with sand. The sandbox is 60 inches wide, 72 inches long, and will be filled 18 inches deep. Under the assumption that 1 bag of sand can fill 3,600 cubic inches of the sandbox, what is the minimum number of bags of sand they will need in order to fill the sandbox?

(A) 1 (B) 7 (C) 12 (D) 21 (E) 22

Correct Answer: E

If f(x) = 7x2 - 9x + 4, then f(-3) = ?

(A) -32(B) -2(C) 32(D) 40(E) 94

Correct Answer: E

A circle C is inscribed in a square as shown. If the area of the square is 256 units square, what is the radius of the circle? pinexam test

(A)2 units (B)4 units (C)8 units (D)16 units (E)32 units

Correct Answer: C

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