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Which of the following is equivalent to 8?

(A) -1×85




(E) 2

The Correct Answer

An editor charges $30 for each hour he works on a book project, plus a flat $25 editing fee. How many hours of work are included in a $190 bill for a book project?

(A) (B) 4 (C) (D) (E) 7

Correct Answer: C

The length of arc XY of a circle is equal to of the circumference of the circle. The length of the arc is 7π inches. What is the radius, in inches, of the circle?

(A)42 (B) 21 (C) 14 (D) 7 (E) 3

Correct Answer: B

The following graph shows the percentage of shares controlled by five owners of a startup software company. Zach intends to sell his shares equally among the other four owners. After this sale is final, what percentage of the company will Bell own?

(A) 25.25%(B) 27.25%(C) 27.50%(D) 39.90%(E) 34%

Correct Answer: B

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