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If you add up 5 consecutive odd integers that are each greater than 15, what is the smallest possible sum?

(F) 75

(G) 90

(H) 95

(J) 100

(K) 105

The Correct Answer

The graph of y = ax2 + bx + c in the standard (x, y) coordinate plane is shown below. When y = 0, which of the following best describes the solution set for x?

(A)2 imaginary solutions (B) 1 double imaginary solution (C) 1 real and 1 imaginary solution (D) 1 double imaginary solution (E) 2 real solutions

Correct Answer: E

In Sulema's geography class, all tests count equally. So far, Sulema has taken 2 of the 3 tests in geography this marking period and earned scores of 88% and 79%, respectively. What is the minimum score Sulema needs on the third test to have a test average of 87%?

(A)99% (B) 94% (C) 91% (D) 87% (E) 84%

Correct Answer: B

Simplify |3 − 11| + 4 × 23

(A)421 (B)520 (C)-10 (D)40 (E)28

Correct Answer: D

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