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Triangle ACE, shown in the figure below, is isosceles with base . B lies on and D lies on . Segments and bisect AEC and CAE respectively. Which one of the following angle congruences is necessarily true?

(A) ∠CAE ≅ ∠BEC

(B) ∠CAD ≅ ∠AEC

(C) ∠CAE ≅ ∠ACE

(D) ∠AEC ≅ ∠ACE

(E) ∠BEC ≅ ∠DAE

The Correct Answer

The length of a rectangle is 5 inches longer than its width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 38 inches, what is the width, in inches?

(A)5 (B) 7 (C) 12 (D) 17 (E) 28

Correct Answer: B

In the standard (x, y) coordinate plane, what are the coordinates of point a after the graph is reflected over the line x = 7? image

(A)(3, m) (B) (-3, -m) (C) (10, m) (D) (15, m) (E) (17, m)

Correct Answer: E

If 80% of a number is 260, what is 116% of the same number?

(A)311 (B)317 (C)349 (D)377 (E)397

Correct Answer: D

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