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If a+ 2b= 2, what is the value of ?

(F) –6

(G) 8

(H) 10

(J) –12

(K) 14

The Correct Answer

Melissa attaches her dog's leash to a metal anchor in the grass so that the dog can roam only within a radius of 12 feet in any direction from the anchor. A map of the area accessible to the dog is shown below in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane, with the anchor at the origin and 1 coordinate unit representing 1 foot.

Joy brings her dog to the same park and anchors her dog 30 feet away from Melissa's anchor along a walking trail. Joy's dog can roam only within a radius of 20 feet in all directions from its anchor. For how many feet along the walking trail can both dogs roam?

(Note: Assume the leashes can't stretch.)

(A)2 (B) 8 (C) 10 (D) 18 (E) 42

Correct Answer: A

For all values, x, y, and z, if x ≤ y and y ≤ z, which of the following CANNOT be true? I. x = z II. x > z III. x < z

(A)I only (B) II only (C) III only (D) I and II only (E) I, II, and III

Correct Answer: B

If sin image then cos θ = ?

(A)image (B) image (C) image (D) image (E) image

Correct Answer: C

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