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Doug, who runs track for his high school, was challenged to a race by his younger brother, Matt. Matt started running first, and Doug didn’t start running until Matt had finished a quarter-mile lap on the school track. Doug passed Matt as they both finished their sixth lap. If both boys ran at a constant speed, with Doug running 2 miles an hour faster than Matt, what was Matt’s speed?

(F) 10.5 miles per hour

(G) 10 miles per hour

(H) 9 miles per hour

(J) 8 miles per hour

(K) 7.5 miles per hour

The Correct Answer

Which of the following points on the xy-graph is the x-intercept of the equation y= 2x– 8?

(A) (0, 4)(B) (0, )(C) (4, 0)(D) (–4, 0)(E) (, 0)

Correct Answer: C

What is the y-coordinate of the solution of the following system, presuming the system has a solution?

8x + y = 30
8x + 4y = 96

(F) 1 (G) 8 (H) 19 (J) 22 (K) The system has no solution.

Correct Answer: J

What is the value of x when 2x + 3 = 3x – 4 ?






Correct Answer: E

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