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When calculating a certain tax, Simone found that no tax is due for all income up to pdollars, with p > 0. Income greater than pdollars is taxed at a rate of 15%. Which of the following graphs accurately represents this tax?






The Correct Answer

Wool socks cost $9.60 for a package of three pairs of socks. If you buy three packages, you receive one free pair of wool socks. What would be the average cost of a pair of socks when you buy three packages?

(A)$2.60 (B)$2.80 (C)$2.88 (D)$3.08 (E)$3.20

Correct Answer: C

What is the inequality that corresponds to the graph? pinexam test

(A)y > 3x + 2 (B)y ≤ −3x + 2 (C)y ≥ −3x + 2 (D)y < 3x + 2 (E)y < −3x + 2

Correct Answer: B

Given triangle CDE (shown below) with a right angle at point E, what is the length of leg DE?

(F) 8 (G) (H) 6 (J) (K) 16

Correct Answer: H

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