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The equation y= axb+ cproduces the following (x, y) coordinate pairs: (0, 2), (1, 7), and (2, 42).What is the value of abc?

(F) 10

(G) 20

(H) 30

(J) 40

(K) 60

The Correct Answer

If image, then x = ?

(A)6 (B) image (C) 0 (D) image (E) -4

Correct Answer: D

In the figure below, = , and is a radius of the circle, having a length of 8 inches. What is the area of OAB, in square inches?

(A)8 (B) 16 (C) 32 (D) 32 (E) 64

Correct Answer: B

If 2xy= 32 and 5x+ 3y= 14, then xy=

(A) 35(B) –40(C) 75(D) 100(E) –120

Correct Answer: E

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