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In the diagram below, ABC is isosceles and BCD is equilateral. = and the measure of ABC is half the measure of BAC. What is the measure of ABD?

(F) 36°

(G) 60°

(H) 72°

(J) 96°

(K) 150°

The Correct Answer

If n = 10, then which of the following represents 552?

(A)5n + 2 (B) 5n2 + 2 (C) 5n2 + 5n + 2 (D) 5n3 + 5n + 2 (E) 5n4 + 5n + 2

Correct Answer: C

The area of the trapezoid below is 24 square inches, the altitude is 3 inches, and the length of one base is 5 inches. What is the length, b, of the other base, in inches?

(A)3 (B) 8 (C) 11 (D) 13 (E) 16

Correct Answer: C


(F) (G) (H) (J) (K)

Correct Answer: J

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