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An artist wants to cover the entire outside of a rectangular box with mosaic tiles. The dimensions of the box shown below are given in centimeters. If each tile is exactly one square centimeter, and the artist lays the tiles with no space between them, how many tiles will he need?

(F) 75

(G) 96

(H) 108

(J) 126

(K) 150

The Correct Answer

In an isosceles triangle, the measure of each of the base angles is one-third the measure of the vertex angle. What is the measure, in degrees, of each of the base angles?

(A)36° (B) 60° (C) 72° (D) 108° (E) 216°

Correct Answer: A

Given x ≠ ±4, which of the following is equivalent to the expression ?

(A)x - 1 (B) -8x (C) (D) (E)

Correct Answer: E

The employees at Belinda's Paint Store are having a competition to see who can create the most new accounts over a period from January to June in a certain year. Data is missing because one of the employees began to erase it from the white board, thinking that the competition was over. The numbers in the chart below have been confirmed with the assistant manager's personal records.

Which of the following is closest to the percent decrease in Cameron's new accounts from January to February?

(F) 4.00% (G) 17.40% (H) 19.40% (J) 20.00% (K) 21.10%

Correct Answer: G

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