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What is the solution set of

(A) {4}

(B) {8}

(C) {-4, 8}

(D) {-8, 4}

(E) {-2, ±2}

The Correct Answer

If pq– 3r= 2, what is the value of qin terms of pand r?

(F) 2p+ 3pr(G) 2p– 3pr(H) (J) (K)

Correct Answer: H

In the real numbers, which of the following is the domain of the function ?

(A) x≥3(B) x> 3(C) x< –3(D) –3 < x< 3(E) x< –3 or x> 3

Correct Answer: B

Tips for ACT English test

Read the Whole Sentence.

Don't Be Afraid to Pick NO CHANGE.

Don't Rush.

Rely on Rules, Not Your Ear.

Be Sure You Know the Easy, Common Rules.

Eliminate Identical Answers.

Pick the Clearest Answer.

Answer the Question that You're Asked.

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