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Given that E = ABCD, which of the following is an expression of B in terms of E, A, C, and D?


(B) E + ACD

(C) E - ACD



The Correct Answer

Which of the following is the graph of the equation 3x - 2y = 6?

(A)mg alt=img src=/image/tests/6/00948.jpg /> (B) mg alt=img src=/image/tests/6/00949.jpg /> (C) mg alt=img src=/image/tests/6/00950.jpg /> (D) mg alt=img src=/image/tests/6/00951.jpg /> (E) mg alt=img src=/image/tests/6/00952.jpg />

Correct Answer: B

As shown in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane below, A (2,4) lies on the circle with center L (10,-2) and radius 10 coordinate units. What are the coordinates of the image of A after the circle is rotated 90° counterclockwise (?) about the center of the circle?

(A)(10, 2) (B) (-2, 10) (C) (2, -8) (D) (0, -2) (E) (4,-10)

Correct Answer: E

How many irrational numbers are there between 1 and 6 ?

(A)1 (B)3 (C)4 (D)10 (E)Infinitely many

Correct Answer: E

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