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In ABC, the measures of A, B, and C are 2x°, 3x°, and 5x°, respectively. What is the measure of C?


(B) 36°

(C) 54°

(D) 90°

(E) 180°

The Correct Answer

The expression x2 + 2x - 15 can be written as the product of 2 binomials with integer coefficients. One of the binomials is (x + 5). Which of the following is the other binomial?

(A) (x2 - 3) (B) (x2 + 3) (C) (x - 3) (D) (x + 3) (E) (x - 5)

Correct Answer: C

In the figure shown below, points A, B, C, and D are collinear, and distances marked are in feet. Rectangle ADEG has an area of 48 square feet. What is the area, in square feet, of the trapezoid BCEF?

(A)16 (B) 20 (C) 26 (D) 36 (E) 58

Quadrilateral FGHJ is shown below in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane. For this quadrilateral, = 10, = 6, = , and = 12.

Correct Answer: C

In the standard (x, y) coordinate plane, what is the slope of the line with equation 7y - 3x = 21?

(A)- (B) (C) (D) 3 (E) 7

Correct Answer: B

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