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A sample of 300 jellybeans was removed from a barrel of jellybeans. All of the jellybeans in the barrel are one of four colors: red, orange, green, and purple. For the sample, the number of jellybeans of each color is shown in the table below.
Color Number of jellybeans
red 75
The Correct Answer

Which of the following functions has a range of f(x) 4?

(F) f(x) = |x+ 4|(G) f(x) = |x– 4|(H) f(x) = |x+ 4| – 4(J) f(x) = |x– 4| + 4(K) f(x) = |x– 4| – 4

Correct Answer: J

If x - 15 = |-5|, then x =?

(F) -20 (G) -10 (H) (J) 10 (K) 20

Correct Answer: K

Points G and H lie on circle F as shown below. If the measure of ∠FGH is 40°, then what is the measure of central angle ∠GFH?

(A)60° (B) 80° (C) 100° (D) 120° (E) Cannot be determined from the information given

Correct Answer: C