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If a = BC, b = x, and c = yz, then AB = ?


(B) yzxy

(C) zxyz

(D) xyyz

(E) xyz

The Correct Answer

What is the least common multiple of 25, 16, and 40?

(F) 27(G) 32(H) 320(J) 400(K) 16,000

Correct Answer: J

Every week, Donald records the amount of mileage that has accumulated on his truck. On Monday, Donald recorded that he had driven 16,450 kilometers. After a week of deliveries, his new recording was 18,130 kilometers. He drove for thirty hours during that week. What was his average driving speed during that week to the nearest kilometer per hour?

(A) 38 (B) 41 (C) 48 (D) 56 (E) 59

Correct Answer: D

Is a 30 good on the ACT?

Absolutely! The ACT is scored on a scaled score ranging from 1 to 36. Anything over a 21 is considered as a good score.

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