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What is the slope of the line determined by the equation image?


(B) 1

(C) image

(D) image

(E) -3

The Correct Answer

In ΔABC, shown below, the measure of imageb is 40°, the measure of imagec is 35°, and image is 27 units long. Which one of the following is an expression of the length, in units, of image? (Note: The law of sines states that for any triangle, the ratio between the sine of an angle and the length of the side opposite that angle is the same for all of the interior angles in the triangle.) image

(A)image (B) image (C) image (D) image (E) image

Correct Answer: B

In the figure below, ABCD is a rectangle, AB = AE, and E, F, G, and H lie on AD. Of the angles BEA, BFA, BGA, BHA, and ∠BDA, which one has the greatest tangent?

(F) ∠BEA (G) ∠BFA (H) ∠BGA (J) ∠BHA (K) ∠BDA

Correct Answer: F

Damien played golf on each of the four days of his vacation. His scores on the first three days were 93, 92, and 89, and his average for the four days was 90. What was his score on the fourth day?

(F) 84(G) 85(H) 86(J) 87(K) 88

Correct Answer: H

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