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In the figure below, image is a line segment and all distances are given in inches. What is the ratio of the area of quadrilateral RBCS to the area of quadrilateral SCFT? image


(B) 7:9

(C) 11:13

(D) 11:39

(E) 11:50

The Correct Answer

In the parallelogram below, what is the measure of ∠WXY?

(A)25° (B) 55° (C) 65° (D) 100° (E) 120°

Correct Answer: D

In the standard (x, y) coordinate plane, the midpoint of image is (5, 7) and a is located at (2, 3). If the coordinates of b are (x, y), what is the value of (x + y)?

(A)19 (B) 17 (C) 11 (D) 8.5 (E) 8

Correct Answer: A

Which of the following degree measures is equivalent to 2.25π radians?

(A) 101.25 (B) 202.5 (C) 405 (D) 810 (E) 1,620

Correct Answer: C

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