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A line in the standard (x, y) coordinate plane contains the points (5, 9) and (8, 3). What is the x-intercept of this line?


(B) image

(C) 0

(D) -2

(E) - image

The Correct Answer

Let x = 2y + 3z - 5. What happens to the value of x if the value of y decreases by 1 and the value of z increases by 2?

(A)It decreases by 2 (B) It is unchanged (C) It increases by 1 (D) It increases by 2 (E) It increases by 4

Correct Answer: E

What is the value of 4v(w2– 3vw) given that v= –1 and w= 4

(F) –84(G) –92(H) –98(J) –104(K) –112

Correct Answer: K

The hypotenuse of right triangle ABC shown below is 16 inches long. The sine of angle A is . About how many inches long is ?

(A)8.0 (B) 9.6 (C) 12.4 (D) 14.3 (E) 15.6

Correct Answer: B

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