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–Confucius Institute () has been set up in many other countries. - Yes, Chinese is _______ spoken in those countries. I am proud of that as a Chinese.

(A) hardly

(B) widely

(C) never

(D) seldom

The Correct Answer

Cathy sold some of her things in a yard sale and _________the money to a children's home.

(A)gave away (B) gave up (C) gave out

Correct Answer: A

It ____ her twenty minutes ____ her homework.

(A)used, to finish (B) took, to finish (C) used, finished (D) interesting, excited

Correct Answer: B

-----How about the book you are reading? -----Good indeed. It______ many problems we have come across in our study.

(A)says (B) talks (C) covers (D) refers

Correct Answer: C

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