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Hearing a _____________ noise in the backyard, Pamela went there to have a look.

(A) cracking

(B) crack

(C) cracked

(D) cracker

The Correct Answer

The student's first attempt at writing a play was a far __________ from the work of Shakespeare.

(A)away (B)way (C)cry (D)distance

Correct Answer: C

“Where() the recorder? I can’t see it anywhere.” “I() it right here. But now it’s gone.”

(A)did you put; have put

(B)have you put; put

(C)had you put; was putting

(D)were you putting; have put

Correct Answer: B

He does his work carefully but he is terribly _______ it.

(A) careful about (B) good at (C) slow at (D) interested in

Correct Answer: C

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