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If you are always ____________ to others' troubles, you won't get any help whenever you are in trouble yourself.

(A) indifferent

(B) regretful

(C) romantic

(D) phenomenal

The Correct Answer

The little man was _____________ one meter fifty in height.

(A) almost more than (B) nearly more than (C) hardly more than (D) as much as

Correct Answer: C

Not until Mr. Smith came to China() what kind of a country she is.

(A)did he know (B)he knew (C)he didn’t know (D)he could know

Correct Answer: A

I expected a bigger payment, but I suppose you have to be __________ for small mercies.

(A) pleasant (B) thanking (C) gratitude (D) thankful

Correct Answer: D

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