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If you are always ____________ to others' troubles, you won't get any help whenever you are in trouble yourself.

(A) indifferent

(B) regretful

(C) romantic

(D) phenomenal

The Correct Answer

The man in the corner confessed to _____________ a lie to the manager of the company.

(A) have told (B) having told (C) being told (D) be told

Correct Answer: B

Although always on time himself, the professor was quite used __________ late for his lecture.

(A) to students to be (B) to students being (C) for students to be (D) for students being

Correct Answer: B

Everyone is amazed at the _________ growth of this city; it has been so different from what it was five years ago.

(A) explosive (B) expanding (C) expensive (D) excessive

Correct Answer: A

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