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The father advised her to avoid the mistake made by many couples of marrying for the wrong reasons ________ he found the young man charming and intelligent.

(A) as though

(B) even though

(C) because of

(D) due to

The Correct Answer

Having walked in the hot sun for most of the day without any water, the man felt ____________.

(A) fatiguing (B) having fatigued (C) fatigued (D) to have fatigued

Correct Answer: C

()no need to take any kind of vitamin pills if we eat well and properly.

(A)It is (B)It’s (C)There has (D)There is

Correct Answer: D

I got a letter from my sister,() me that she would visit us next month.

(A)tells (B)told (C)telling (D)to tell

Correct Answer: C

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