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My parents are not interested in modern music. They are _______.

(A) before the date

(B) behind the times

(C) after the fashion

(D) against the tides ( 潮流 )

The Correct Answer

People who want the typist's job will be judged __________ how accurate and fast they are.

(A) in favor of (B) in terms of (C) in ways of (D) in spite of

Correct Answer: B

The girl has made up her mind to go abroad with her boyfriend despite her parents' _________.

(A) agreement (B) allowing (C) letting (D) objection

Correct Answer: D

Hearing a _____________ noise in the backyard, Pamela went there to have a look.

(A) cracking (B) crack (C) cracked (D) cracker

Correct Answer: A

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