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I tried very hard to persuade him to join our group but I met with a flat _____________ .

(A) accept

(B) agree

(C) refusal

(D) decline

The Correct Answer

The father advised her to avoid the mistake made by many couples of marrying for the wrong reasons ________ he found the young man charming and intelligent.

(A) as though (B) even though (C) because of (D) due to

Correct Answer: B

An explosion is a sudden increase in amount __________.

(A)rapid burning causes it (B)to be caused by rapid burning(C)causing its burning to be rapi (D)caused by rapid burning

Correct Answer: D

If you __________ in your payment for the house again, you may get thrown out.

(A) fall behind (B) account for (C) charged for (D) come to

Correct Answer: A

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