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I tried very hard to persuade him to join our group but I met with a flat _____________ .

(A) accept

(B) agree

(C) refusal

(D) decline

The Correct Answer

There is no ____________ that he was once a thief. But it doesn't mean you can always regard him as a thief.

(A) deny (B) denied (C) denies (D) denying

Correct Answer: D

Seeing that the last bus was leaving, he made a ____________ for it while shouting "Wait! Wait!"

(A) drive (B) dash (C) race (D) relay

Correct Answer: B

Y ou lose your head when you get upset and lose __________ of your actions.

(A) owning (B) control (C) objection (D) eyesight

Correct Answer: B

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