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Not that John doesn't want to help you, _____________ it's beyond his power.

(A) but that

(B) for that

(C) and that

(D) in that

The Correct Answer

"Are you going to the football game " "No. The tickets are _______ expensive for me."

(A) very much (B) so much (C) far too (D) highly

Correct Answer: C

Seeing that the last bus was leaving, he made a ____________ for it while shouting "Wait! Wait!"

(A) drive (B) dash (C) race (D) relay

Correct Answer: B

The country has ____________ too many wars in the past few decades; its people are longing for peace so much.

(A) prevented from (B) resulted in (C) gone through (D) gone with

Correct Answer: C

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