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_________ that they may eventually reduce the amount of labor needed on construction sites by 90 percent.

(A) So clever are the construction robots

(B) Such construction robots are clever

(C) So clever the construction robots

(D) Such clever construction robots are

The Correct Answer

There is no ____________ that he was once a thief. But it doesn't mean you can always regard him as a thief.

(A) deny (B) denied (C) denies (D) denying

Correct Answer: D

Though he didn't answer my questions quickly, the look on his face ___________ that he was satisfied with me.

(A) indicated (B) input (C) increased (D) interacted

Correct Answer: A

Few of us thought that the problem was worth() .

(A)discuss (B)discussed (C)discussing (D)to discuss

Correct Answer: C

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