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In general, matters which lie entirely within the state boundaries are the ______ concern of the state government.

(A) excessive

(B) external

(C) explosive

(D) exclusive

The Correct Answer

The painter lived more than a decade in Europe, __________ he could be in close contact with other cubists ( 立体派艺 术家 ).

(A) where (B) in which (C) that (D) in that

Correct Answer: A

Hearing a _____________ noise in the backyard, Pamela went there to have a look.

(A) cracking (B) crack (C) cracked (D) cracker

Correct Answer: A

The doctor suggests that I should sleep with the window open() it’s very cold.

(A)if (B)unless (C)when (D)since

Correct Answer: B

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