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In preparing scientific reports of experiments, a student should _____________ his findings in clear and precise language.

(A) exemplify

(B) predict

(C) raise

(D) present

The Correct Answer

If you __________ in your payment for the house again, you may get thrown out.

(A)fall behind (B)account for (C)charged for (D)come to

Correct Answer: A

As so many overseas business people have come to start and build new businesses, the place looks much more _________ than it did a few years ago.

(A) propertied (B) tedious (C) prosperous (D) unremarkable

Correct Answer: C

Your work does not ______ what I expect of you.

(A)come up with (B)come out (C)come round (D)come up to

Correct Answer: D

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