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In the following figure, what is the value of xin terms of y?

(A) 10y

(B) 10y2




The Correct Answer

In the figure below, S and T are points on RU. What is the ratio of the area of square STVX to the area of parallelogram RUVY?

(A)3:8 (B) 1:11 (C) 3:11 (D) 9:11 (E) 3:24

Correct Answer: C

Stella wants to buy a scooter for $4,800. A loan company offers to finance the purchase in return for payments of $130 a month for 4 years. If Stella were to finance the scooter, then how much more than the purchase price of the scooter will Stella have paid at the end of the 4-year period?

(A)$ 520 (B) $ 780 (C) $ 1,040 (D) $ 1,300 (E) $ 1,440

Correct Answer: E

Jordan went for a 3.5-mile jog on Monday that took him 40 minutes. If on Tuesday Jordan jogs at the same rate of speed, how far will he jog in 60 minutes?

(A)3.5 miles (B) 4.0 miles (C) 5.25 miles (D) 7.0 miles (E) 7.25 miles

Correct Answer: C

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