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Jane ran around the perimeter of a rectangular park at a constant rate of 10 feet per second. The park has an area of 67,500 square feet, and its length is exactly three times its width. For how many seconds did Jane run?

(F) 60

(G) 120

(H) 240

(J) 360

(K) 480

The Correct Answer

If 5k = 9m − 18, then m =

(A)5k + 18 (B)(5k+18) / 9 (C)−9 + 5k (D)(5k + 9 ) / 9 (E)9k + 18

Correct Answer: B

If 90° < x < 180°, which of the following equals sin x, if image?

(A)image (B) image (C) image (D) image (E) image

Correct Answer: E

A 3-pound bag of oranges costs $1.99 at Yong's Grocery. A 3-pound bag of the same type of oranges costs $2.17 at Pat's Pantry. How much cheaper, per pound, are the Yong's Grocery oranges than Pat's Pantry oranges?

(A)$0.02 (B) $0.04 (C) $0.06 (D) $0.18 (E) $1.00

Correct Answer: C

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