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Danielle’s phone plan charges her $30 per month for the first 200 minutes and then $0.10 per minute for each subsequent minute. If Danielle paid exactly $100 last month, how many minutes did she use?

(F) 700

(G) 800

(H) 900

(J) 1,000

(K) 1,200

The Correct Answer

What is the slope of the line in the following graph?

(F) 2(G) –2(H) (J) (K)

Correct Answer: G

Which of the following is the set of solutions to the inequality image?

(A)x < 6 (B) x > -6 (C) x > 6 (D) There is no solution. (E) The set of all real numbers

Correct Answer: D

A student reads a pages per day for d days and then reads b pages per day for 2d days. In terms of a, b, and d, how many pages did the student read?

(F) ad + 2b (G) ad + 2bd (H) 2ad + 2bd (J) 2abd (K) 2abd2

Correct Answer: G

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