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By the year she arrives in London, scientists probably ____ a cure for bird flue.

(A)will be discovering

(B) are discovering

(C) will have discovered

(D) have discovered

The Correct Answer

﹣The relations between my parents have become difficult. What should I do? ﹣You could do more jobs around the house so that they have more time for proper____.

(A) instrument                  (B) communication               (C) community

Correct Answer: B

Since I don't like many vegetables, can I eat fruits every day instead the nutrients I need?

(A)to get(B) of getting (C) of to get (D) of get

Correct Answer: A

I like _____ but I don’t like _____ now because I am ill.

(A)to sing, to sing (B) singing, singing (C) to sing, singing (D) singing, to sing

Correct Answer: D

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