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I wonder if he() us, and I think if he() us we’ll be able to complete the task ahead of time.

(A)helps; help

(B)will help; helps

(C)will help; will help

(D)helps; will help

The Correct Answer

I don't have courage to tell him the bad news to his face, so I have to do it in a(n) ____________ way.

(A) direct (B) strange (C) indirect (D) brave

Correct Answer: C

The weakening housing market continued to take its __________ on the industry.

(A) toll (B) profit (C) insurance (D) security

Correct Answer: A

Her parents objected to() that farmer, though he has a lot of money.

(A)her marrying (B)marrying (C)marry (D)her marrying with

Correct Answer: A

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