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They were all very tired, but() of them would stop to take a rest.





The Correct Answer

The painter lived more than a decade in Europe, __________ he could be in close contact with other cubists ( 立体派艺 术家 ).

(A) where (B) in which (C) that (D) in that

Correct Answer: A

I wonder if he() us, and I think if he() us we’ll be able to complete the task ahead of time.

(A)helps; help

(B)will help; helps

(C)will help; will help

(D)helps; will help

Correct Answer: B

Julie has gained more experience than() in her restaurant and the customers like her.

(A)any waitress (B)other waitresses (C)the waitress (D)any other waitress

Correct Answer: D

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