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(), the more you are aware of content and meaning.

(A)The more words you are familiar to

(B)The more words you are familiar with

(C)You are familiar to more words

(D)You are familiar with more words

The Correct Answer

He does his work carefully but he is terribly _______ it.

(A) careful about (B) good at (C) slow at (D) interested in

Correct Answer: C

Sherry is a member of a(n) ___________ dramatic clu (B) She goes there after work for practice twice a week.

(A) grateful (B) amusing (C) assertive (D) amateur

Correct Answer: D

Although he was so tired,() he went to the concert with his friend that night.

(A)but (B)so (C)yet (D)and

Correct Answer: C

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