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What value of x will satisfy the following matrix equation?


(B) -3.5

(C) 1

(D) 6.5

(E) 13

The Correct Answer

In the figure shown below, bisects BAD, and bisects CAE What is the measure of CAD?

(A)30° (B) 45° (C) 60° (D) 90° (E) Cannot be determined from the given information

Correct Answer: C

At the end of each month, a credit card company uses the formula D = B (1 + r) + 10m2 to calculate debt owed, where D is the cardholder's total debt; B is the amount charged to the card; r is the rate of interest; and m is the number of payments the cardholder has previously missed. If Daniel has charged $2,155 to his credit card with a 13% interest rate and has missed 2 payments, which value is closest to Daniel's total credit card debt?

(A)$2,195 (B) $2,435 (C) $2,455 (D) $2,475 (E) $2,495

Correct Answer: D

If f(x) = 2x2 - 6x + 7, then f(-3) =?

(A)7 (B) 18 (C) 25 (D) 36 (E) 43

Correct Answer: E

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