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If image, then which of the following is true?

(A)w > 0

(B) T > 0

(C) m > 0

(D) wt > 0

(E) tm > 0

The Correct Answer

Damien played golf on each of the four days of his vacation. His scores on the first three days were 93, 92, and 89, and his average for the four days was 90. What was his score on the fourth day?

(F) 84(G) 85(H) 86(J) 87(K) 88

Correct Answer: H

Stella wants to buy a scooter for $4,800. A loan company offers to finance the purchase in return for payments of $130 a month for 4 years. If Stella were to finance the scooter, then how much more than the purchase price of the scooter will Stella have paid at the end of the 4-year period?

(A)$ 520 (B) $ 780 (C) $ 1,040 (D) $ 1,300 (E) $ 1,440

Correct Answer: E

If (x + 2) is a factor of 3x2 - 13x + k, what is the value of k?

(A)-38 (B) -14 (C) -2 (D) 14 (E) 38

Correct Answer: A

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