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A rectangular lot that measures 150 ft by 200 ft is completely fenced. What is the approximate length, in feet, of the fence?

(F) 300

(G) 350

(H) 400

(J) 700

(K) 1,400

The Correct Answer

On the number line of all real numbers, what is the midpoint of –12 and 20?

(A)1 (B)-2 (C)4 (D)6 (E)10

Correct Answer: C

If and , what is the ratio of f:h?

(A) 1:06(B) 1:08(C) 1:10(D) 1:12(E) 1:20

Correct Answer: C

If and 0° ≤ x° ≤ 90°, then cos x = ?

(A) (B) (C) (D) (E)

Correct Answer: D

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