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The following figure shows f(x), which includes points L,M,and nplus the line segments and . Which of the following functions is equivalent to f(x)?


(A) f(x+ 6)

(B) f(x– 6)

(C) f(6 – x)

(D) –f(x+ 6)

(E) –f(x– 6)

The Correct Answer

If the monthly payment, m dollars, on a house that costs P dollars is given by the formula image, what is the monthly payment, to the nearest dollar, on a house that costs $200,000?

(A)$868 (B) $880 (C) $960 (D) $1,060 (E) $1,200

Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is a factor of the polynomial 2x2 – 3x – 5 ?

(A)x – 1 (B)​2x – 3 (C)2x – 5 (D)2x + 5 (E)3x + 5

Correct Answer: C

For all integer values of a and b such that a > 0 and b<0, which of the following must also be an integer?

(F) 3a+b (G) 3a-b (H) 3ab (J) 3-a (K)

Correct Answer: G

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