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As shown below, rectangle KLMN is divided into 3 large squares (each labeled R) that measure x centimeters on a side, 12 small squares (each labeled S) that measure y centimeters on a side, and 12 rectangles (each labeled P). What is the total area, in square centimeters, of rectangle KLMN? img

(A)3x + 4xy + 9yx + 12y

(B) 12x + 4xy + 9yx + 3y

(C) 3x2 + 13xy + 12y2

(D) 12x2 + 13xy + 3y2

(E) 3x3 + 13xy + 12y12

The Correct Answer

Factoring the polynomial x12 -9 reveals a number of factors for the expression. Which of these is NOT one of the possible factors?

(F) x6 + 3 (G) x12 - 3 (H) x3 + (J) x3 - (K) x3 -

Correct Answer: K

In a certain budget, 30% of the money goes toward housing costs, and, of that portion, 20% goes toward rent. If the amount of money that goes toward rent is $630, what is the total amount of the budget?

(A)$1,680 (B) $2,100 (C) $4,095 (D) $7,560 (E) $10,500

Correct Answer: E

If , then n =

(A) 6(B) 7(C) 9(D) 11(E) 13

Correct Answer: A

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