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What is the slope of the line 2x - 3y + 7 = 0?


(B) image

(C) image

(D) image

(E) 2

The Correct Answer

If 35% of a given number is 14, then what is 20% of the given number?

(A)2.8 (B) 4.9 (C) 7 (D) 7.7 (E) 8

Correct Answer: E

In the figure below, ∠ ABC ≅ ∠ DFE, ∠ BAC ≅ ∠ FDE, D and F are on AB, ADFB, and distances in centimeters are as shown. What is the length of AD, in centimeters?

(A)5 (B)4 (C)3 (D)2 (E)1

Correct Answer: B

For all real numbers x and y such that the product of y and 4 is x, which of the following expressions represents the sum of y and 4 in terms of x?

(A)x + 4 (B) 4x + 4 (C) 4(x + 4) (D) image (E) image

Correct Answer: E

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