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The expression is equivalent to:


(B) 5y6

(C) 5y8

(D) 16y4

(E) 16y6

The Correct Answer

If f(x) = 7x2 - 9x + 4, then f(-3) = ?

(A) -32(B) -2(C) 32(D) 40(E) 94

Correct Answer: E

What is the inequality that corresponds to the graph

(A) y > 3x + 2 (B) y ≤ 3x + 2 (C) y ≥ 3x + 2 (D) y < 3x + 2 (E) y < 3x + 2

Correct Answer: B

Andrea wants to fill in two sections of her backyard with sod that must be purchased in 2-x-2-foot squares. If the two sections measure 30 x 40 feet and 60 x 80 feet, how many squares of sod does she need to buy?

(F) 1,000(G) 1,250(H) 1,500(J) 1,600(K) 2,000

Correct Answer: H

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