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The expression |2-14| - |-25| is equal to:


(B) 37

(C) 13

(D) -13

(E) -37

The Correct Answer

A bubble gum machine has 120 red, blue, yellow, and green gumballs in it. If 30 are yellow, 32 are red, and 28 are green, what is the probability that the next gumball out of the machine is NOT blue?

(A)img (B) img (C) 25% (D) 1:4 (E) 2:1

Correct Answer: B

Right triangle ΔWXY is isosceles and has its right angle at Point X. Point Z is collinear with points X and Y, with Y between X and Z. What is the measure of ∠WYZ ?

(A)45° (B) 90° (C) 120° (D) 135° (E) 145°

Correct Answer: D

For any positive two-digit integer x with tens digit t, units digit u, and t ≠ u, y is the two-digit integer formed when the digits of x are reversed. What is the greatest possible value of (y - x) when t is less than u?

(A)u - t (B) ut - tu (C) t2 - 10tu + u2 (D) 9|u - t| (E) Cannot be determined from the given information

Correct Answer: D

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