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The figure below shows part of a circle whose circumference is 40. If arcs of length 4 and length s continue to alternate around the entire circle so that there are 8 arcs of each length, what is the degree measure of each of the arcs of length s?


(B) 9°

(C) 12°

(D) 18°

(E) 36°

The Correct Answer

Last week Dyson earned $8 per hour working at the local grocery store. This week his boss gave him a 10% raise. If he works 20 hours this week, what will his gross income be before taxes?

(A)$160 (B) $162 (C) $174 (D) $176 (E) $180

Correct Answer:

If (y0.2)a2-20 = y and y ≠ 0, then what is the solution set of a ?

(A){1} (B) {-, } (C) {5} (D) {-5,5} (E) {25}

Correct Answer: D

katex is not defined for all x ≠ 3

(A) 3x2 + 11 (B) 2x + 1 (C) 4x2 + 1 (D) 10x 6 (E) 4x 1

Correct Answer: E

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