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If |x| = x + 12, then x = ?


(B) -6

(C) 0

(D) 6

(E) 12

The Correct Answer

In the xy-coordinate system, (, s) is one of the points of intersection of the graphs y = 2x2+6 and y = -4x2 + m, where m is a constant. What is the value of m?

(A)30 (B) 33 (C) 36 (D) 39 (E) 42

Correct Answer: C

The vertices of a triangle are A(−1,3), B(3,0), and C(−2,−1). Find the length of side AC.

(A)√15 (B)√17 (C)1√5 (D)√7 (E)1√7

Correct Answer: B

What are the solutions of the polynomial equation 2x2 - 5x = 12?

(A)-4 or 1.5 (B) -4 or -3 (C) -1.5 or 4 (D) 1.5 or 4 (E) 4 or 6

Correct Answer: C

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