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If ppercent of 250 is 75, what is 75% of p?

(A) 22.5

(B) 25

(C) 75

(D) 225

(E) 250

The Correct Answer

Which of the following is the factored form of the expression 12x2 - x - 6?

(A)(3x + 2) (4x - 3) (B) (3x - 2) (4x + 3) (C) (4x + 2) (3x - 3) (D) (6x + 1) (2x - 6) (E) (x - 2) (12x + 3)

Correct Answer: A

If the volume of a sphere is 288π cubic inches, then which of the following is the surface area, in square inches, of the same sphere? (Note: For a sphere with radius r, the volume is πr3 and the surface area is 4πr2.)

(A)6π (B) 8π (C) 24π (D) 36π (E) 144π

Correct Answer: E

In the figure below, all line segments are either horizontal or vertical and the dimensions are given in feet. What is the perimeter in feet, of the figure?

(A)16 (B) 14 (C) 13 (D) 12 (E) 10

Correct Answer: B

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