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Which of the following is equal to ?






The Correct Answer

An isosceles triangle contains three angles that measure 40°, x°, and y°. Which of the following CANNOT be true?

(A) x= y(B) x= 50(C) x– y= 60(D) x= 70(E) x= 100

Correct Answer: B

What are the solutions of the polynomial equation 2x2 - 5x = 12?

(A)-4 or 1.5 (B) -4 or -3 (C) -1.5 or 4 (D) 1.5 or 4 (E) 4 or 6

Correct Answer: C

The first term of the geometric sequence below is 27. What is the twelfth term? 27, 9, 3….

(A)image (B) image (C) image (D) image (E) image

Correct Answer: B

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