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Which of the following is the slope of a line parallel to the line in the standard (x, y) coordinate plane?




(D) 2


The Correct Answer

To the nearest foot, what is the length of a diagonal of the top of a rectangular platform that is 14 feet wide and 15 feet long?

(A)16 (B) 19 (C) 21 (D) 22 (E) 29

Correct Answer: C

If you add up 5 consecutive odd integers that are each greater than 15, what is the smallest possible sum?

(F) 75 (G) 90 (H) 95 (J) 100 (K) 105

Correct Answer: K

Merav's school has an Olympic-size pool that is 50 meters long, 25 meters wide, and 2 meters deep. The pool is surrounded by special non-slip tiles, as shown in the figure below. Merav pays $4.00 for a ticket to her school's first swim meet to watch her classmates compete. While there, Merav buys a slice of pizza and a soda. She pays $3.75 for the pizza and $1.75 for the soda, plus 10% sales tax for both of these items. What is the total amount Merav pays for her ticket, pizza, and soda?

(A)$ 3.75 (B) $ 9.50 (C) $10.05 (D) $10.45 (E) $10.75

Correct Answer: C

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