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In the figure shown below, the perimeter of the triangle is . What is the value of x?


(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

(E) 6

The Correct Answer

The highest and lowest test scores of five students in Mr. Canyon's science class are listed below. Which student had the greatest range of scores?

(F) Alicia (G) Brandon (H) Cleo (J) David (K) Emily

Correct Answer: K

Simplify (6x4y3)2

(A) 36x6y5 (B) 36x8y6 (C) 366x22y (D) 36xy (E) 36x2y

Correct Answer: B

Lines and intersect at point V on line , as shown in the figure below. The measures of 2 angles are given in terms of a, in degrees. What is the measure of XVZ in degrees?

(A)30 (B) 90 (C) 120 (D) 150 (E) 180

Correct Answer: C

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