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3x3·2x2y·4x2y is equivalent to:

(A) 9x7y2

(B) 9x12y2

(C) 24x7y2

(D) 24x12y

(E) 24x12y2

The Correct Answer

A guide wire for a telephone tower makes an angle of 50° with the level ground and is 14 meters from the base of the tower. How many meters long is the guide wire? image

(A)3.8 (B) 13.5 (C) 16.68 (D) 21.78 (E) 22.58

Correct Answer: D

A right circular cylinder is shown below, with dimensions given in inches. What is the total surface area of the cylinder, in square inches?(Note: The total surface area of a cylinder is given by 2πr2 + 2πrh, where r is the radius and h is the height.)

(A)3π (B) 5π (C) 6π (D) 8π (E) 11π

Correct Answer: D

Which of the following, if any, is equivalent to the inequality |x| - 4 < -7?

(A)x < -3 and x > 3 (B) x > -3 and x < 3 (C) -3 < x < 3 (D) -3 > x and 3 < x (E) None of these.

Correct Answer: E

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